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Disposable protecting apparel LAB+ Whether you run a bakery, deli, restaurant, or even a pharma/biotech lab, disposable clothing is a necessity for maintaining the international hygiene and safety standards and from keeping employees’ clothing safe from stains, soils, and other discolorations. We offer a wide range of disposable clothing such as single-use aprons, gloves, sleeves and headware, all of which can be thrown away after your employees are done.

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hny2 - GDC wishes a happy new year!

GDC wishes a happy new year!

Dear colleagues, We sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming holidays! According to the tradition that exists in our company, in the New Year we give gifts to those who especially...

VKONTAKTE выставка banners - Meeting point - exhibition PIR EXPO 2018

Meeting point – exhibition PIR EXPO 2018

Friends! Three weeks later, from September 24 to September 27, the 21st PIR International Exhibition will take place, where we will present our new development in the field of environmentally...

86 - Refill in the line of gloves

Refill in the line of gloves

A new type of high risk nitrile gloves has appeared in the Lab + range. New items are made of artificial material and are not covered with powder, which means...