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Disposable protecting apparel LAB+ Whether you run a bakery, deli, restaurant, or even a pharma/biotech lab, disposable clothing is a necessity for maintaining the international hygiene and safety standards and from keeping employees’ clothing safe from stains, soils, and other discolorations. We offer a wide range of disposable clothing such as single-use aprons, gloves, sleeves and headware, all of which can be thrown away after your employees are done.

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Vinyl gloves, colour Blue, size XL

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Vinyl gloves, colour Blue, size XL


Vinyl gloves are also called PVC gloves, which are made of high-quality vinyl materials. They are easy to put on and nonallergic.
Used to protect the user’s hands from injuries or dirt. Widely used in the medical industry and food processing.

  • Product ID LAB038
  • Size XL
  • Colour Blue
  • Length, mm 245
  • Density, micropascals 14
100 Case size, pcs
1000pcs/10 cases Box size, cases
  • от 1,45 р./шт. RUB * Указанная цена не является окончательной. Для получения прайса со скидками в зависимости от объёма оставьте заявку на сайте или воспользуйтесь формой обратной связи.

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