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Disposable protecting apparel LAB+ Whether you run a bakery, deli, restaurant, or even a pharma/biotech lab, disposable clothing is a necessity for maintaining the international hygiene and safety standards and from keeping employees’ clothing safe from stains, soils, and other discolorations. We offer a wide range of disposable clothing such as single-use aprons, gloves, sleeves and headware, all of which can be thrown away after your employees are done.

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multi masking pop sugar e1555077449672 - Multimasking: tips and tricks

Multimasking: tips and tricks

In the spring, the skin wants and moisturizing, and tone, and lifting - in general, "just and more." And here comes the multimasking. What it is? How to combine different...

5 - How to wear a medical mask?

How to wear a medical mask?

Masks have filtering properties and protect people from the causative agents of dangerous infectious diseases, so now they are worn not only by doctors and medical staff, but also by...

pst2 - The past and future of medical clothing

The past and future of medical clothing

History of medical clothing Medical clothes are necessary for many: employees of clinics and hospitals, students, trainees. In medical masks, caps and lab coats, practical exercises and rounds of patients...

photo 1486825586573 7131f7991bdd - How medical gloves are made

How medical gloves are made

How to make cloth gloves we all know. We take the material, cut out the patterns with indentation, sew and twist. The glove is ready. Of course, to get the...

aaaad - How medical gloves were invented

How medical gloves were invented

Recently, we talked about how medical masks were invented. Today we decided to focus on gloves. It would seem that it is impossible to imagine a doctor’s examination or an...

photo 1519822356 4853be4346a8 - What is "nitrile"

What is “nitrile”

When it comes to choosing disposable gloves, it’s not worth the goods to be limited to one information in the card; it may not be enough. Moreover, for the most...

lab plus pic - The history of medical masks

The history of medical masks

When was the last time you wore a medical mask? This is such a common subject that, seeing him in a crowd, no one will be surprised and will not...