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Disposable protecting apparel LAB+ Whether you run a bakery, deli, restaurant, or even a pharma/biotech lab, disposable clothing is a necessity for maintaining the international hygiene and safety standards and from keeping employees’ clothing safe from stains, soils, and other discolorations. We offer a wide range of disposable clothing such as single-use aprons, gloves, sleeves and headware, all of which can be thrown away after your employees are done.

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How medical gloves are made

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photo 1486825586573 7131f7991bdd - How medical gloves are made
How to make cloth gloves we all know. We take the material, cut out the patterns with indentation, sew and twist. The glove is ready. Of course, to get the perfect wardrobe item, the masters use professional trifles and nuances, but everyone understands how the process goes. How are vinyl or latex gloves made?
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